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take_careThis page covers every aspect of women’s health and beauty, head to to, inside and out. Beauty is an important part of improving every aspect of a woman’s life. This page has simple, basic routines and habits that contribute to complete well-being, including healthy exercise, therapeutic treatments, regenerating, soothing relaxation techniques, detoxifying diets and massages, as well as exstras that contribute new and special dimensions to your appearence, including makeup skills, expert hairstyling and work-outs that will shape and tone your body.

Skincare and makeup

While your actual skin type is determinad by your genes, there is plenty you can do daily to ensure it always looks as good as possible. Understanding how your skin functions will help you to understand its special needs. In the skincare section, you can find out how to care for your own specific skin type. You can’t neglect  your complexion for months or years, then makeup for it with expensive and intensive attention in the short term. Regularly spending time and care on your skin is a great investment and the results will last a lifetime. Skincare is all about making sure your skin is in good shape and then keeping it that way through good habits, sensible cleansing and using skincare products in the right way. The bodycare section will also show you how to freshen, tone, pamper and maintain your whole body from top to toe, to help you archeve natural, beautiful, hassle-free skin. The key to successful makeup is to understand how to enhance your features using the best cosmetic formulations and colours around. This doesn’t mean spending a small fortune on the lastest season’s colours and promotions. Instead, it means analysing what will work for you, your colouring and your lifestyle, then making your purchases. If you research the best of the products, brush up your application techniques and give yourself time to experiment, you can find the perfect page for you, and, once you have mastered the basics,you can solve your own particular beauty problems and try out some inspirational makeup ideas. Every woman can use makeup to enhance her looks, but the secret is understanding your own beauty needs. This section provides fresh and inspiring ideas to help you find a look to suit you.

 marysamelemakeup_take_careHaircare and styling

Beautifull, silky, shining, hair makes your feel fantastic, it reflects well-being and has a natural beauty of its own. Hair can also be a versatile fashion accessory and can be coloured, curled, dressed up, or smoothed down. However, too much attention combined whit the effects of a poor diet, pollution, air-conditioning  and central heating, can strip your hair of its vitality and leave it looking dull and lifeless. A daily haircare routine and prompt treatment when problems do arise are of vital importance in maintaining the natural beauty of healthy hair. The haircare and styling section provides a complete guide to making the most of your hair. There are hints and tips for establishing good haircare habits and tricks and treatments to get your in tip-top shape, from aromatic shampoos, herbal tonics and intensive conditioning treatments to colouring, bleaching and tinting, as well as a range of inspirational styling ideas for every season and occasion.

take_careExercise and healthy eating

It is particularly important that you make regular exercise and healthy eating a key part of your beauty routine. Walking, swimming, cycling, working out, yoga and pilates are all great ways to stay fit, increase your stamina and keep your body toned and supple. Exercise boosts circulation, allowing the body to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxine and waste more efficiently. A healthy diet involves eating foods that provide all the nourishment your body requires for growth, tissue repair, energy to carry out vital internal processes and to eating chapter has a clear, comprehensive breakdown of food and nutritional values to help a balance in your daily diet. There is advice on the best foods to eat to improve your skin, hair and nails and hints on how to change your eating habits so that the food you eat peps you up instead of pulling you down. From advice on eating to lose weight, to detoxing to cleanse and refresh your whole system, you’ll find all you need to know about healthy eating.

in the first picture: the model & actress Margherita Di Sarno
in the second photo: the makeup artist Mary Samele
In the third picture Nico de Corato