EffectUs, the first FX Italian event

Earlier this year a group of friends and colleagues, members of an online community of Italian Special FX Makeup Artists called EffectUs,started to brainstorm together to find a way to provide a platform where both professionals and amateurs of this fascinating field of art and technology could meet, share, exchange artistic techniques and work experiences. [...]

EffectUs, il primo straordinario evento sugli effetti speciali tutto italiano!


Il termine Special Make­up Effects, tanto sentito ed ammirato in tutto il mondo, non è altro che il nome internazionale degli Effetti Speciali di Trucco, cioè, l’arte che consente di modificare il volto umano per raggiungere nuove sembianze. Mettendo in atto una metamorfosi lavorando sui connotati del soggetto, lo si rende ciò che si vuole. Queste tecniche sono [...]

Halloween is coming


For this Halloween 2015 Mary Samele is going to come back in Dubai with amazing artistic creations in Mr Ben’s shop. The highest technical of special effects. New exciting special effects that will make the difference of your character: Zombies; Vampires;  Fantasy character; Killer dolls; Corpses with bullet holes and objects stuffed into their meat and [...]

Keep calm and get Tan!!!


Are you ready for your best tan this summer? Skin with a warm, sun kissed tan can look radiant, sexy and attractive. At the same time, you want to be careful to avoid getting sunburned, and you want to minimize any risks associated with tanning. Jeunesse has the solution: The products will provide you with [...]

Caring for your skin: tips for a perfect skin


Clear, soft and supple skin is one of the greatest beauty assets, and there is plenty you can do every day to ensure that your skin always looks as good as possible. You’ll soon realize the benefits of regularly spending time on your skin, and the results will last a lifetime. Before you can devise [...]